Best Credit Cards

Black Brazilian MasterCard (Santander Group)

A tremendously exclusive card. Offered by invitation to members of the group’s private banking, it is not known for sure how much money a client must have in their account to be contemplated in the invitations. What is known is that there are no more than 3000 units circulating in Latin America. It incorporates advantages such as concierge service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, access to the VIP lounges of all the airports in the world, or discounts on flights on private jets. It has an annual fee of around $ 350.


Merrill Accolades American Express

To consider accessing this card in the place we should be customers of one of the divisions of the entity, specifically Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, and even if we should wait for the corresponding invitation. The card has an annual fee of about $ 300, however, this fee is limited as long as the customer maintains a minimum balance of $ 250,000 in their entity’s brokerage account. The card has a spending limit of $ 500,000. Among the added advantages is the possibility of obtaining discounts at hotels, discounts to certain companies including private planes and 24-hour service seven days of concierge, very common to VIP cards.


NatWest Black MasterCard

It is one of the most exclusive credit cards in the world, has a spending limit of 1.5 million dollars, however, its share, as is usual in these cards, barely exceeds $ 400 per year. Of course, it is an exclusive concession card by invitation. It has a large number of benefits including discounts in practically or two sectors.

Citigroup Black Chairman Card

Another exclusive card, only obtainable by the clients of the private investment divisions of the entity. The card provides a credit limit of $ 300,000, an annual fee of $ 500, and the usual concierge services 24 hours seven days, access to all airport lounges, accommodation during the trip and so on.


Infinite Visa

It is probably one of the most international exclusive cards, it is a product that will only be granted to customers with accounts with six figures. Although the conditions may vary between countries, mainly facing the concession, the product behaves in an identical manner, that is, high credit, and a large number of services such as travel planning, updating of air routes, bonuses in restaurants of five stars and hotels of the same category, discounts at exclusive luxury stores and even health advisors.

Coutts World Silk Card

An exclusive card for many reasons, among them, because it is the card used by the Queen of England Elizabeth II, and because it is a product that is issued in the United Kingdom where there are no more than 100 units distributed. To be granted by invitation, you must have at least 1 million dollars in the account in the entity. The credit card has a really high percentage of interest. It has all kinds of added services and advantages and bonuses for use.


Stratus Rewards Visa

The Black Cards will be fashionable within the exclusive credit cards, however, this is completely white, is breaking many molds. It is a product of invitation for millionaire patrimonies, offers in general more benefits than the average of these products, discounts in all the services of luxury items that occur to us, as well as a line of reward points between friends and owners. they can be used in, for example, flight hours in private aircraft. It is more expensive than the average since it requires an annual fee of $ 1500, although, as we say, it also offers higher levels of benefits.

Dubai First Royal MasterCard

This is one of those products that ordinary users can not even imagine exists. The very design of the card, with a part of the sides of it cut out in gold and the inclusion of a diamond of 0.235 carats in the center of the fac, is just a warning of what the product can reach. offer. The philosophy of the summary itself the issuers of the product in an advertisement in which they indicated that it was a card to which the moon could be asked because it would try to do it through all possibilities. It has no credit limit, it has no restrictions and it is not only limited to obtaining money or paying bills, but also to an authentic model of lifestyle management through the card, only under express invitation and for very few units.


JP Morgan Chase Palladium

Made of palladium engraved with laser and gold, it is reserved for those who have a relationship in the equity management sections with the bank. It has a $ 595 annual fee that competes directly with the American Express Centurion. There is no joint spending limit, it offers a very high rewards program since every dollar spent equals points in the rewards program, which are then interchangeable for exclusive services in all segments. Italso offers an additional bonus of 35,000 points for every $ 100,000 spent.


American Express Centurion Card

Probably the most classic and veteran of the exclusive cards worldwide. Launched in 1999. Exact details on how to become the owner of this card are not known, but we do know some paths that can be followed, such as having been a customer of the American Express Platinum at least during One year, also at least have moved $ 250,000 on the indicated card for one year.
Even so, this is not exclusively an invitation to preserve the product. If an invitation is made, the user must pay an initial fee of $ 5000, then once the service is started, another fee of $ 2,500 will be added. It is for all service, with unimaginable benefits for the common of mortals, at all levels, 24-hour services, rooms of luxury hotel courtesy, access to all flight updates, personal shopping advice, … In short, a range of luxury services accompany this card.


Less luxury but very effective

Of course, these are very distant to most users. They are offered as more than exclusive products, in many cases associated with large fortunes or, at most, with large accounts. However, there are, of course, intermediate areas, in which we move away from the basic offer on foot, and we are already entering a growing path of cards with higher benefits.
Virtually all financial institutions are going to be able to offer us these top cards that multiply the credit limits, increase the added insurance and of course provide benefits and added values ​​unrelated to the most common.


In any case, for a good use of them it is not necessary at all to have these monsters, effectively a good management of the domestic economy goes hand in hand with personal finances and independently of this, to use it well or badly it is independent to the benefits that it is of (although it is certain that the possessor of a black card probably has few worries about whether he uses his plastic money well or badly)